Cessnock Healthy Dads Healthy Kids gets underway


Session 1 of the Healthy Dads Healthy Kids journey began for 22 fathers from the Cessnock area on Wednesday 20th June. The HDHK program is being held at Cessnock Public School for the 2nd time. Local deputy principal Shaun Graham participated in the program in late 2011 and loved the program.

“It worked out that our school was going to host the program and as a deputy principal I felt it was a perfect opportunity to get to know our school dads better and do something good for my family,” Mr Graham said.

“I was able to lose about 3 kilograms through the program, which was 3.7 per cent of my starting weight and I have since implemented healthy lifestyle habits into my family’s life.

“I also joined the program to spend more time with my 11 year old step daughter Jasmine and it has certainly strengthened our bond.

“We cook dinner together more often now and try to be active and get outside as much as we can.

“It is a fantastic program for dads to spend more time with their kids but also learn about healthy lifestyle habits – I strongly recommend local dads to give it a go.”

Local teacher Brian Proctor from Cessnock east Public School participated, losing 15 kilos in the process.

“My weight was really starting to have a significant impact on my ability to play with my two kids and I was saddened that is was robbing them of fun memories with me,” Mr Proctor said.

“I realised I needed to become a better role model for my 15 year old daughter Emily and 12 year old son Callum as I didn’t want them to grow up overweight like I did.

“The best thing about the program was spending time with my kids however there was an added benefit of losing weight and keeping it off as well.

“The program gave me the knowledge and practical encouragement to keep striving for a healthy lifestyle and to maintain it.

“As a teacher, the program has turned me into a better role model for my students in educating them about the importance of healthy eating and exercise.”