Partners help too!

The Healthy Dads Healthy Kids program focuses on dads and children and whilst this is the case specifically for this program we do not discount that partners are equally important!
Mother and child eating healthy food
As part of the HDHK program it is anticipated that your male partners will take a more active role in establishing improved health behaviours for themselves and the family.

The program is a WIN-WIN situation as you the partner and also the mother benefit too!

HDHK works best if the whole family is onside and wanting to improve the quality of life. Attempted changes are always more successful if they can occur in a supportive environment.

This is where partners come in. You are encouraged to ask  both dads and kids about what they are learning in the program and we suggest looking at some of the content handbooks of participants to understand what they are learning each week in the HDHK program and what to expect from them.

Be warned though!  There will be many instances where you feel like you need to say ‘ I told you so’ or there will be key messages that you know you’ve been trying to tell your partner for years and that he never would  listen to.  Rest assured, we have thought of this also … it is a hidden aspect of what the program is about.

The program is designed specifically in that it ‘talks to blokes in a language they understand’. There will be new ideas that you can explore yourself that will benefit the entire family.

The dads will come to the realisation that the program is beneficial and see how some healthy lifestyle behaviours might be relevant or needed to change in their own individual family situation.

If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact us, we are always more than happy to discuss any aspect of the program.