Why dads?

Dad with daughterConcerned about your health?

Concerned about the quality of foods your child eats?

If your answer is “yes” then make the Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids program your first step in changing your diet and life-style.

Need some convincing, read some of our testimonials Shannyn Robard’s or Mark Philpott’s experience after they completed the program.

Statistics show that almost two thirds of men in the community are overweight. This is concerning as overweight fathers are more likely to have overweight children and yet men are less likely to attempt weight loss than women.

The majority of family-based treatment and prevention programs to address overweight have mostly focussed on mothers and the contribution of the fathers’ influence on their childrens’ physical activity and eating behaviour is often overlooked.

Fathers have an important task within the family as role models and facilitators for good eating habits and physical activity levels. Fathers who are active, who engage with their children in games and activities, are more likely to have children who are also physically active.

Research has also shown that physically active children are more likely to maintain a good weight and have better school performance.  Fathers who model good eating habits in the home that include fruit and vegetables are more likely to have children who also eat a wide range of foods.

HDHK is a program which addresses men’s weight, as well as promoting the important position of fathers as role models and facilitators within the family.

During the nine weeks of the program you will learn about:

  • good eating for yourself and your children
  • tips for encouraging children to eat fruit and vegetables
  • ways to get both yourself and your children moving and having fun at the same time.